Studying at Beckett House

The Armed Forces Chaplaincy Centre (AFCC) at Beckett House offers a unique atmosphere where people of any rank and background can work, dine, learn and relax together in a private and secure location. The chapel offers a further place of peace and tranquillity around which the community centres its spiritual life. 

Whatever the time of year, the house and gardens offer a peaceful setting for the work that takes place at the AFCC. The Chaplaincy Centre offers a wide variety of residential courses. Besides supporting the service Chaplains, the centre offers many courses to those who are interested in developing their ability to work with people in the service community. Our courses are aimed at enhancing both personal skills and the skills required in the pastoral care of service personnel and their families.

Where capacity exists in the programme, space is given to organisations that have spiritual, moral or welfare roles within the service community, so that its unique atmosphere can be offered to as many service people and their dependants as possible.

Beckett House enjoys a growing library facility, with many books, articles and journals on such subjects as ethics, pastoral care, spirituality, war, the military and chaplaincy. 

We hope you will be able to find something that will be of benefit to you and that will both support and enhance your work. Applications to use the library are welcomed from within chaplaincy, defence and beyond.