UK Defence Academy Signs Historic Agreement with Kuwait

Major Tom Mouat MBE teaching at the Defence Academy

Shrivenham, UK - Kuwait's Mubarak Al Abdullah Joint Command and Staff College (MAJCSC) that recognises a mutual interest in, and responsibility for, the preparation of people in defence to meet the challenges of the future.

Building on the strong historical relationship between Kuwait and the United Kingdom, and their armed forces, the agreement underscores the continued close cooperation between the two countries.

The aim is to improve the collective output and performance of the two countries, while increasing a shared understanding by fostering an exchange of ideas, developing best practice and through the provision of mutual support.

Under this agreement, the countries will:

  1. Enhance the education, training and development of military and civilian defence people.
  2. Deepen and broaden cooperation between both institutions.
  3. Further support the development of MAJCSC as a regional Centre of Excellence for Defence Education.

The agreement was signed by the Chief Executive and Commandant of the UK Defence Academy Major General Andrew Roe and Commandant Mubarak Al Abdullah Joint Command and Staff College Major General Talab Al Fleej via a video teleconference.