From Directing Staff to unit command

From Directing Staff to unit command

Congratulations to the four recent members of the Defence Academy's Army Division staff who were selected for unit command last week.

Lieutenant Colonels David Falconer RRF, Jon Healy PWRR, Chris Hitchins PARA, and Mas Masling RAMC, all move on from their current roles or from ACSC, having completed their Defence Academy appointment in the last two years, to take up a well-deserved unit command and take our best wishes with them.

Seven other previous members of staff relinquished their current command appointments during this board, and we wish them all the best in their new appointments: Lieutenant Colonels Simon Fairbrother QDG, Anna Scott RE, James Baker RIFLES, Dean Canham MERCIAN, Ed Wigmore REME, Pete Hale RAMC and Chris Dobson Int Corps.

These are just a few more examples of how time spent at the Defence Academy can support career progression.