Our courses

Defence Academy courses cover the following themes:


Good leaders bring direction, motivation and innovation to their organisations. They inspire confidence in the people around them, and work with them to accomplish goals and drive improvements in today’s increasingly complex and fast-paced world.

Leadership is vital to success and our leadership courses support you at every stage of the leadership pathway, from front line management roles to board level positions. Our faculty has made contributions to leadership practice in academia, business, and in front-line military commands and can offer an engaging and challenging learning programme to build the skills needed to lead effectively.


Command is the art of achieving goals and strategic objectives through the effective use of authority over people and control over resources. The Defence Academy and its faculties have a proud history of producing innovative commanders and agile strategic thinkers in the military, government and the private sector.

We offer our students a course portfolio covering all the skills and knowledge required for success in command, from strategic thinking, though to supply chain management, global trends and politics, and pastoral care. The varied background of our students (who come from 98 countries) means that every class and discussion incorporates a broad range of views. Students are encouraged to engage with and seek solutions to the most important issues of today in the knowledge that many of them will be the leaders of tomorrow. 


Our technology courses focus on applying scientific knowledge and creative ingenuity for practical purposes, especially in defence and key industries.  We offer a suite of courses including cyber skills, engineering, nuclear science, information management and systems engineering. Our unique offering combines academic understanding in science and technology with military knowledge and experience, set in the context of defence and security.


Effective business skills are vital to any successful organisation, and we offer learning covering all the skills needed to manage a project, product or business.

Our courses range from introductions to key topics like finance, logistics, and project management, to MBAs and postgraduate study. Our trainers come from a variety of professional backgrounds, with many having considerable experience in managing highly complex projects. The aim throughout our course portfolio is to help students develop the specialist skills which support success in commercial, industrial and professional activities.  

International Engagement

Strong alliances and global partnerships are more important than ever in today’s increasingly connected and turbulent world.

We help drive the building of global networks at every level, covering introductory courses on the major religions, to training in languages and cultural skills for civilians, military personnel and Defence Attaches from the UK and around the world. Our students build broad networks through our courses; they come from 98 countries and many are here as our guests and partners to build understanding, promote cooperation, and so strengthen global security and prosperity.