Joint Services Command and Staff College

The Joint Services Command and Staff College (JSCSC) trains the future commanders and staff officers of all three UK armed services and those from many countries around the world.

Our mission is to deliver first class professional military education, which develops our people and our allies’ defence forces by giving them the skills they need to address current and future security and defence challenges at home and abroad.

Our aim is to develop our students’ analytical, decision-making and communication skills, through rigorous academic study of contemporary strategic and military issues, complemented by facilitated group discussions, practical exercises and visits overseas to engage with our allies. 

The JSCSC is now offering you the opportunity to develop your professional knowledge of a wide spectrum of military, political and international issues, whilst studying alongside your UK military and civilian counterparts.

The courses explore themes ranging from international security studies; foreign and defence strategy, policy and management; transforming policy into capability; planning and conducting military operations; through to command, leadership & management and the realities of conflict.  

Taking one of these courses offers you the chance to enjoy the facilities of the JSCSC; with its purpose built conference facilities and break-out rooms, supported by cutting edge technology and the best defence and security library in Europe.