Building Integrity UK

The Building Integrity UK (BI UK) programme seeks to reduce the risks of corruption globally by promoting and implementing the principles of integrity, transparency and accountability. Our courses are designed to reduce the risk of corruption in the wider defence and security sector.

Delivered directly at home and abroad, BI UK provides training and education supporting more effective, transparent and capable government institutions to further collaboration and cooperation amongst the armed forces and security sector.

Guided by mutual respect, BI UK courses focus on transparency, accountability and integrity measures to reduce corruption in the “5 Areas of Risk”:

  • political and security sector interface
  • public financial management
  • procurement and logistics
  • human resource management
  • complex security environments

As an implementing partner of NATO’s Building Integrity programme, BI UK delivers a range of activities including NATO-certified training courses and capacity building packages.

Our courses can be residential at Shrivenham, delivered in host countries or virtual.