Reading menus

The Centre for Defence Education Research and Analysis (CDERA) has created a series of ‘reading menus’ to whet your appetite and hopefully start your learning journey on key strategic global trends such as artificial intelligence, cyber, geopolitics (Russia, China), automated weaponry, cultural intelligence to name but a few. 

The menu navigates you through a topic depending on your time and appetite to know more. Simply click on the ‘appetisers’ to provide an overview of the subject and gain insight into the latest thinking, the starters will give you an introduction, the main course is the seminal reading and the desserts are just that, the icing on the cake, activities to watch or do. 

Each menu has a different flavour, but in engaging with all of the content, each will offer you a range of perspectives to support your studies, provide solid foundations of evidence-base for your work practice and guide you to how to find out more. These reading menus are the Defence Academy’s first small steps of a programme to provide well-curated, cutting-edge, digital content to our students, staff and wider defence, watch this space!